Bárbara Mesquita

Bárbara Mesquita is a PhD student in Pharmaceutics Department at Utrecht University (Netherlands). She finished her master degree in Bioengineering from Engineering Faculty of Porto University (Portugal) in 2016. Her master thesis was focused on the toxicity induced by gold nanorods on zebrafish development. She then joined the Pharmacy Department of Groningen University (Netherlands) as Erasmus Student to investigate the role of protein corona in the interaction of liposomes with cells under the supervision of Dr. Anna Salvati. Back to Portugal, she got a position as technician at Expression Regulation in Cancer Group of Prof. Carla Oliveira (IPATIMUP, Porto, Portugal) to study the genetic and phenotypic heterogeneity of gastric cancer. This scientific journey has engaged her into two scientific areas, oncology and nanomedicine, which she became passionate about. In 2018 she was awarded a PhD scholarship from Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT, Portugal) to investigate nanobody-targeted liposomes as drug delivery systems for photodynamic therapy of cholangiocarcinoma.