Our chapter is growing fast and we are happy to announce that we have reached 100 members! Among them 48% are principal investigators, 30% are early career scientists, 15% are industrial members and 7% are members in other positions. Looking at the locations, 13% of members are from Belgium, 56% are from the Netherlands, 33% are from France and 1% is from Luxembourg. 

If you know more people in your network who would like to join our Local Chapter, don’t hesitate to connect them with us!


Executive Council of the CRS BeNeLux & France Local Chapter has been elected

Among 20 Board Members of the Chapter, Executive Council was elected to run the chapter for the term 2019-2020. We are happy to announce these names: 

1. President: Natalia Vtyurina (Groningen University, NL)

2. Vice-President: Jai Prakash (University of Twente, NL)

3. Secretary: Giovanna Lollo (Lyon University, Fr)

4. Treasure: Jos Paulusse (University of Twente, NL)

5. Industrial Coordinator: Raymond Schiffelers (University Medical Center Utrecht, NL)

6. Early Career Scientists Coordinator: Roy van der Meel (Eindhoven University, NL) 


Board Members Meeting April 2019 in Utrecht, the Netherlands

On 16th of April the very first meeting between the Board Members of Local Chapter took place in Utrecht, the Netherlands. It has been decided that in the coming year our Local Chapter will adhere to the following two missions:

 1. Bridging industrial and academic experts in the field of drug delivery and targeting by providing them an extra opportunity to communicate with each other and stimulating collaborations and partnerships 

2. Supporting early career scientists by providing them opportunities for career growth in academia or industry and boost their professional and personal development   


Meet our Local Chapter Partner Cristal Therapeutics in Valencia

In the approaching 46th Controlled Release Society Annual Meeting & Exposition, our Local Chapter Partner, Dr. Cristianne Rijcken, the Chief Scientific Officer & Founder of Cristal Therapeutics, will give a talk as an invited speaker.

Focus Group Scientific Session: Nanomedicine and Nanoscale Drug Delivery (NNDD) on Wednesday, 7/24/2019 from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM.

“CriPec® platform and lead product CPC634: principles, nonclinical evaluation and clinical translation”

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Student Travel Award 2019

The Controlled Release Society’s Patrick Couvreur Student Travel Grants aim to promote student connectivity by providing travel grants to promising students in the field of delivery science around the world to attend the 2019 CRS Annual Meeting being held in Valencia, Spain, July 21-24, 2019. The Student Travel Grant Program gives current CRS student and post-doc members the opportunity to attend the CRS Annual Meeting. Applicants must have been accepted to present (either an oral or poster) at the CRS Annual Meeting. Award selection will be based on the quality of the applicant's science reflected in their research abstract, impact statement, and curriculum vita. The amount of the award(s) will be based upon the number of accepted applicants and available funds.

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Local Chapter Young Scientist Travel Grant Award Nominees 2019

1. Valentina Francia, Postdoctoral fellow at Groningen University and Chapter Social Media Coordinator, will present her topic on “Studying the Biological and Cellular Interactions of Nanomedicines for Drug Delivery”

2. Keni Yang, PhD at Groningen University and Chapter Membership Coordinator, will present her work on the “Effect of Protein Source on Nanoparticle-Protein Corona and Cellular Uptake”

3. Koen van der Maaden, Postdoctoral fellow at Leiden University LACDR and Chapter Social Media Coordinator, will present how “Intradermal vaccination with influenza hemagglutinin-loaded ceramic nanoporous microneedle arrays induces protective immune responses”

4. Natalia Vtyurina, Postdoctoral fellow at Groningen University and Chapter Founder & Coordinator, will present her efforts on building up “A live-cell fluorescence imaging platform to characterize internalization of nanomedicines by human cells”

The grants will be distributed to awardees at the CRS Annual Meeting 2019 in Valencia, Spain.

CRS BeNeLux & France Local Chapter

We are happy to announce that the CRS BeNeLux & France Local Chapter was officially approved by the CRS Board of Directors on 11th of February! 

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