We are proud to announce the establishment of the first collaborations between Local Chapters. 


With support from CRS, we are aiming at strengthening the bonds between Chapters globally and take even more advantage from local networks. 

Activities like Mentorship and Mobility programs, webinars, joint summer schools and annual meetings will be organized in a cooperative manner. 


Currently, BeNeLux & France Local Chapter is in touch with Italy, UKI, German, Spanish-Portuguese, Canada and Brazil Local Chapters. 


Contact us if you wish to collaborate! 

Chapter Collaboration Program

1. Webinars

2. Mobility-Exchange program

2. Mobility-Exchange program


A step towards making scientific knowledge exchange sustainable


The number of meetings in the field is increasing. There is a need to weight the benefits from these meetings against the environmental and monetary costs of attending them. We believe this might significantly help to reduce unnecessary travels, cut the carbon emissions and maintain knowledge exchange during challenging times (such as the SARS-CoV-2 crisis). Moreover, scientists who cannot afford to attend the conferences due to lack of funding can have a great opportunity to follow the work of leading researchers in the field.

BNLF Local Chapter encourages other CRS Local Chapters to follow our example and organize webinars with us by suggesting burning topics in the field and proposing potential speakers. 

We are also happy to share all the knowledge we have collected on setting up the webinars for our Local Chapter.

2. Mobility-Exchange program

2. Mobility-Exchange program

2. Mobility-Exchange program


Facilitate mobility for early-career scientists 

Mobility is a key aspect of the training of scientists at every stage of their scientific career. However, each country and, sometimes, each university, has specific mobility procedures and funding opportunities for exchange programs that are known exclusively at a local level. We believe that sharing these opportunities on a common platform can help to establish a fast and efficient mobility exchange between different countries.


BNLF Local Chapter encourages other CRS Local Chapters to explore the existing opportunities of exchange programs in their countries and share them on a “blackboard” page on their websites. The main CRS and the CRS Young Scientist Committee will help to create this database.

From a future perspective, we aim at looking for funding opportunities and industrial and governmental programs to support short student exchanges between laboratories and Chapter's members who would like to participate in the program. 

3. Mentorship Program

3. Mentorship Program

3. Mentorship Program


Creating a network and providing support to early-career scientists


BNLF Local Chapter initiated a Mentorship Program for early-career scientists, in collaboration with the recently established Early Career Scientist Committee (ECSC). The Mentorship Program aims to match early-career scientists with more senior researchers, such as established scientists but also postdoctoral researchers who can provide career guidance. In a future perspective, mentors and mentees can meet each other in person at the dedicated session organized during the CRS Annual Meeting.  


The first round of the matching process started on February 1st, 2020. 

BNLF Local Chapter is now inviting other CRS Local Chapter worldwide to join the program by applying as Mentors for the second round of the program (middle 2020). If you or your colleagues are interested in taking part in our Mentorship Program:

Contact us via email:

Apply directly by uploading a brief CV here 

and fill out the survey

There is no deadline for mentor's applications. 

4. Joint Events

3. Mentorship Program

3. Mentorship Program


Organize joint schools and annual meetings

We believe that the number of meetings organized in the field in some geographical regions is overwhelming and creates unwanted completion between CRS Local Chapters.

BNLF Local Chapter encourages other Local Chapters to explore the existing Summer Schools and congresses in their countries in terms of the number of participants, time of the year and funding strategies.

In collaboration with the main CRS, we are planning to establish a database of local events, meetings, and schools in order to facilitate the collaboration in the organization of events between chapters and increase the visibility of local events. With this strategy, we aim to add more value to every single event by reducing the competition and boost the collaboration between Chapters and local networks.  From a future perspective, the organization of a joint CRS Summer School can be based on the following model: every two years, two local CRS Chapters that are geographically close to each other will organize 3-5 days of Summer School mainly dedicated to the training of early-career scientists. This can be done in collaboration with the CRS and CRS Young Scientist Committee.  
We are planning the first edition of a joint Summer School with Italy Chapter and we will participate in the Annual Meeting of the Germany Chapter in 2021.