Valentina Francia

Valentina is a Board Member and Social Media Coordinator of the BeNeLux & France Local Chapter and of the Canada Chapter of CRS. 

Valentina has studied Molecular Biology at the University of Milan, Italy. She graduated cum laude in 2013 with a thesis on the cellular mechanisms of resistance to cancer drugs. In 2014 she joined the group of Anna Salvati as a PhD student at the Groningen Research Institute of Pharmacy (Netherlands), where she studied the mechanisms involved in the uptake of nanomaterials. She defended her PhD in September 2018 and she continued her work at the University of Groningen as a postdoctoral fellow. Currently, she is working as a joint postdoctoral fellow between the University of British Columbia (Canada) in the laboratory of Prof. Dr. Pieter Cullis and the University medical Center Utrecht (Netherlands), under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Raymond Schiffelers. Her project is part of the Horizon2020 EXPERT consortium, and is focused on the investigation of the biomolecular corona of LNPs for nucleic acids delivery.