The aim of the Mentorship Program is to provide scientific and career guidance to the Chapter’s early career scientists, to help them choose their career path, develop their potential and increase their job opportunities.

Mentoring can concern - but is not limited to - general advice on career advancement, advice on fellowships or grant applications, managing work-life balance and how to make the transition from academia to industry. This program will rely on informal and casual coaching & counseling relationship between established scientists from academia or industry (mentors) and early career scientists (mentees). 

Mentors are using their personal knowledge, professional experience and network to provide the best possible advice, feedback and support to the mentees. 

Mentees are open-minded and engaged in this mentorship relation, to accelerate their personal development and boost their professional career but also to bring new perspectives to their mentors.

Mentorship program Committee

The Mentorship program Committee is composed of the BNLF Local Chapter members. Their role is to design, promote and develop the Mentorship Program. Their main task is to define the scope of the program, attract participants to the program and provide appropriate matches between the mentors and the mentees. Post-matching, their intervention can be requested in case of problems between the participants (e.g. if one partner asks for rematching). In the long-term they must guarantee an effective and successful program considering the needs and availabilities of the participants.

You can find more information about the mentorship program committee here

Mentors enrolled in the program

 We kindly acknowledge all the experts who joined the program and committed as mentors to provide scientific and career guidance to the CRS BNLS early career scientists.

You can find more information about the mentors currently involved in the program here.

To apply as a mentor, you can upload a brief CV in the following dropbox link and fill out the survey There is no deadline for mentor's applications.

For mentees, the next call for applications will be opened in September 2020. If you have any questions contact us via  

1st cohort: February 2020 – July 2020

2nd cohort: planned for October 2020 – March 2021