Mentorship Program

The Mentorship program Committee is composed of BNLF Local Chapter members. Their role is to design, promote and develop the Mentorship program. Their main task is to define the scope of the program, attract participants to the program and provide appropriate matches between the mentors and the mentees. Post-matching, their intervention can be requested in case of problems between the participants (e.g. if one partner asks for rematching). In the long-term they must guarantee an effective and successful program considering the needs and availabilities of the participants.

The Committee members are:

-Natalia Vtyurina (Founder & President of the CRS BNLF Chapter, Associate consultat at ProPharma Group, NL)

-Chiara Bastiancich (CRS BNLF Mentorship Program Coordinator, Postdoc at Aix Marseille University, FR)

-Giovanna Lollo (CRS BNLF Local Chapter Secretary, Associate Professor at Lyon University, FR)

-Richard Broadhead (Field Application scientist at Precision Nanosystem, BeNeLux)

-Sune Andersen (Principal Scientist at Janssen Pharmaceutica, BE)

-Dunja Sobot (Expert scientist at GSK, BE)

-Sytze Buwalda (Chargé de Recherches at PSL Research University, FR)

-René Musters (Scientist, mentor and independent consultant, NL)

-Natalia Bielczyk (Founder, Director & Chairperson of Stichting Solaris Onderzoek en Ontwikkeling, NL)

The contact information of the Committee is:

                             Key operating principles and guidelines

▪ The Mentorship program participants should be CRS members.

▪ The Mentorship Program is free of charge and fully non-profit. Participants will not receive any financial benefit for their involvement in the program.

▪ Participants acknowledge and agree that personal and professional information shared in the field of this program should remain confidential unless specifically agreed.

▪ The enrolment to the Mentorship program is open to all BNLF Local Chapter members. To apply for the program, it is necessary to contact the Committee by email specifying the requested role (mentor, mentee, both).

▪ The matching process will be carried out by the Committee but personal requests from participants will be carefully considered.

▪ Special attention will be paid to avoid mentor-mentee(s) pairs that could have conflict of interest. However, if any conflict of interest should exist or arise during the program, the Committee should be informed immediately and will provide a rematch.

▪ Depending on the availability of the mentors and the needs of the mentees, the Mentorship program connection type could be one-to-one, group or subject-oriented.

▪ Each mentor will be assigned no more than the number of mentees they have declared they are willing to accept.

▪ If a one-to-one connection type is requested, each mentee will be paired with one mentor. The Committee will provide to the mentee the mentor contact information. It is the mentee’s responsibility to initiate contact with their mentor. The mentor and mentee will self-manage their relation and define together

   o the goals of their relationship and scope of the discussed topics;

   o the frequency, duration and communication type (e.g. face-to-face meetings, phone conversation, by email, Skype).

▪ To optimize our matching procedure, participants are asked to complete a follow-up survey after their first meeting. The feedbacks will be analyzed by the Committee to evaluate if a rematch is required.

▪ Participants agree to keep contact commitments.

▪ Participants can terminate their relationships at any time without consequence. However, please inform the Committee about your decision to quit the program by email, so that a replacement can be found.

▪ Participants can provide enquiries or feedback on how to improve the Mentorship program at any time by writing an email to the Mentorship Program coordinator or to the BNLF Local Chapter Board.

▪ To formally recognize the involvement of the mentors, a certificate of participation in the program can be provided by the BNLF Local Chapter upon request.