Guillaume Bastiat

Guillaume Bastiat is an Assistant Professor at the Health Department of University of Angers (France) and he teaches biophysics, biostatistics and innovation in pharmaceutical technologies. His research is carried out in the laboratory Translationnal Micro and Nanomedicine (MINT - INSERM U1066 / CNRS 6021, director: Prof. Patrick Saulnier). Guillaume obtained his PhD degree in 2003 at the University of Pau (France) in the field of the physico-chemistry of polymers, concerning basic research on the mechanism of micellar radical copolymerization and micelle/polymer interaction. From 2004 to 2008, Guillaume joined the University de Montréal (Canada) for two post-doctoral positions in the Centre for Self-Assembled Chemical Structures (Prof. Michel Lafleur) and in the Canada Research Chair in Drug Delivery (Prof. Jean-Christophe Leroux). There, he acquired a strong expertise in self assembled structures with the development of non-phospholipid vesicles and organogel as drug delivery implant, with original physicochemical characterizations. Guillaume’s research is focused on the development of new pharmaceutical technologies for parenteral administration, in particular in the form of hydrogel of lipid nanoparticles or organogel. He was involved in three European programs: NANOEAR for the targeting of the inner ear pathologies, LYMPHOTARG for the prevention of metastases with the targeting of lymph nodes, and NICHE with a synergistic association of immuno- and chemotherapy against pancreatic cancers. He is currently the coordinator of GLIOGEL, a European program, for the development of a therapeutic implant against the recurrence of Glioblastoma after surgery.