Giovanna Lollo

Giovanna Lollo is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy-ISPB, University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (France). She carries out research activity at the interface of physico-chemistry of colloids, material science, drug delivery and biology at the LAGEPP (Process Control, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering Laboratory) UMR-CNRS 5007.

She graduated as Pharmacist in 2007 from the University of Naples Federico II (Italy). In 2012, she started research work in the MJ Alonso’s laboratory at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain), where she held a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Technology with a dissertation: “Polyaminoacid nanocapsules as drug delivery systems for antitumor drugs”. Then, she joined the MINT laboratory (Micro et Nanomédecines Biomimétiques) UMR Inserm 1066-CNRS 6021 at University of Angers (France) where she worked as postdoctoral scientist developing novel nano-immuno-chemotherapeutic approaches to defeat cancer. Currently, her research is directed towards the design and development of novel nanosytems to cross biological barriers reaching target pathological sites without compromising healthy tissues with applications in oncology and autoimmune diseases.