Anna Lechanteur

Anna Lechanteur is a post-doctoral researcher at the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy (LTPB, ULiège, Belgium) of Prof. Brigitte Evrard.  Her scientific career started in 2012 with her PhD Studentship about “The development and the optimization of liposomes complexing siRNAs for a vaginal treatment of HPVs induced lesions” in the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy (LTPB-CIRM) under the mentorship of Prof. Géraldine Piel and Prof. Brigitte Evrard. She have acquired technical skills in liposome formulations especially concerning the vectorization of siRNA and also conducted in vitro experiments on a 3D cervical model lesions made of HPV-positive keratinocytes laid over an extracellular matrix. After graduating with the PhD degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (2016), Anna had the opportunity to improve her skills in the development of 3D-cell based models and permeability studies by performing postdoctoral researches in the renowned laboratory of Biomaterials for Multistage Drug and Cell Delivery - BioCarrier of Prof. Bruno Sarmento in Porto, Portugal. Back in the LTPB at the University of Liège since October 2017, her research field has been focused on the development of lung cell-based in vitro models mimicking bronchial mucosa in order to screen new therapeutic drugs and, among others, encapsulated drugs for pulmonary administration. Currently, she is the Scientific Coordinator of a Win2Wal consortium called AEROPERF that is aiming to develop innovative dry powders for inhalation in order to increase the lung deposition of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Strengthened by her experience abroad and within the ULiege, she is even more motivated to pursue an academic carrier in this exciting researcher work about controlled release.