Established in 2019 the BeNeLux & France (BNLF) Local Chapter aims to bring together scientists in the fields of drug delivery and nanomedicine located in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France. We stimulate scientific knowledge exchange and collaborations between industrial and academic experts, provide networks and represent at a local level the Controlled Release Society Inc., USA (CRS), a worldwide association in the field of delivery of science and technology. 

Supported by the CRS, we contribute to local meetings and conferences, keep our members up to date with the news in the field and provide a platform to share job opportunities and scientific content. We are also focusing on our Early Career Scientists and boosting their network, professional development, creating exchange and mentorship programs.


Mentorship Program


One of the Chapter’s main goals is to provide a network and support for early career scientists. In addition to organizing meetings and webinars, the Chapter is setting up a Mentorship Program together with the recently established Early Career Scientist Committee (ECSC). The Mentorship Program’s aim is to match early career scientists with more senior researchers who can provide guidance career guidance. While these mentors can be established scientists from academia or industry, they can also be postdoctoral researchers who can share their experience in taking the next step following the completion of their PhD.

While the Mentorship Program’s details are currently being worked out, the Chapter is looking for scientists who would like to join the program as a Mentor for early career scientists. If you are interested in taking part, please contact us.


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