Patrick Saulnier

Patrick Saulnier is a Professor of Angers University (France) and the head of the MINT laboratory. He graduated in Physical-Chemistry in the University of Pau (France) and currently teaches Biophysics and Biostatistics at the School of Pharmacy, Angers University. He acquired a solid foundation in the domain of bicontinuous systems (microemulsions, liquid crystals, micellar assemblies) and more particularly in the methods used to synthesize and to characterize them. He leads a team (MINT) of around 60 researchers with the INSERM and CNRS labels. His research, at the frontiers of physical chemistry and the pharmaceutical technology, concerns more particularly the development of colloidal systems formulated at the nanometric scale and used as drug delivery systems. More particularly he has initiated the formulation of lipidic core and aqueous core nanocapsules from which the size can be chosen in a 20-200 nm range. On these objects, he has performed different physical and chemical modifications allowing a better encapsulation of a large drug properties spectrum. He has worked also on a better control of the interfacial properties of the final loaded nano-objects. He has developed different physical models in order to characterize the behavior of the nanoparticles in a given biologic environment. His work has been valorized by 110 international papers and 6 patents. The key words that match his competences are Biostatistics, Nanoparticles, Drug Targeting, Physical-Chemistry of Interfaces and Colloidal Systems.