Early Career Scientists Committee (ECSC)


The Early Career Scientist Committee (ECSC) of the CRS BeNeLux & France Local Chapter is the team of enthusiastic members who are coordinated by Roy van der Meel (Assistant Professor, Eindhoven University of Technology). The Committee is dedicated to contribute to the Chapter’s main objectives to support early career scientist members. 

We hope to welcome many more early career scientists to the Chapter. 

Interviews with Luminaries

 ECSC believes that interviews with luminaries in the fields of nanomedicine, drug delivery and release will be of great interest to all members at our Local Chapter, especially for early career researchers. 

Follow us to get insights into the minds of leading scientists, find out what sparks their interest in the field, learn what they enjoy doing in life and look into turning moments in their careers.

These interviews are carried out in collaboration with the CRS Young Scientist Committee (YCS).


Ana Beloqui

  Assistant Professor and Research Associate from the Belgian Fund for Scientific Research (F.R.S.-FNRS)

Université Catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain)

Brussels, Belgium

"I applied to 8 postdoctoral grants before getting even one, but here I am today. You learn a lot in the process, you appreciate failing…in the end.” 


Cristianne Rijcken

 Founder and CSO of Cristal Therapeutics, 

Maastricht, Netherlands


Her professional advice 

“Define your long-term ambitions, translate this into a very pragmatic plan including go/no go milestones.”


Stefaan De Smedt

 University of Ghent, Belgium

“Fascinated by chemistry behind life, my wish to help ill people, in one way or another, was the reason I decided to study pharmaceutical sciences.”

Interview with the president


Natalia Vtyurina

ProPharmaGroup, the Netherlands

“Always keep yourself in a professional shape: never stop networking, stay motivated, keep learning, know your strengths and weaknesses, be confident about your achievements”

Mentorship Program

One of the Chapter’s main goals is to provide a network and support for early career scientists. In addition to organizing meetings and webinars, the Chapter is setting up a Mentorship Program together with the recently established Early Career Scientist Committee (ECSC). The Mentorship Program’s aim is to match early career scientists with more senior researchers who can provide guidance career guidance. While these mentors can be established scientists from academia or industry, they can also be postdoctoral researchers who can share their experience in taking the next step following the completion of their PhD.

To apply as a mentor, please upload a brief CV in the following dropbox link and fill out the survey There is no deadline for mentor's applications.

Matching process

The matching process of mentors with mentees who applied in the first round before 31st December 2019 will be completed at the beginning of February 2020. Stay tuned!

Volunteering opportunities

o ECSC Mentorship Program Coordinator

o ECSC Mobility-Exchange Program Coordinator
o ECSC Events Organizers

o CRS BNLF/ECSC Workshops-Webinars Coordinator
o CRS BNLF/ECSC Industrial Relations Coordinator

For more information about roles and responsibilities, send an email to

Bestanden komen binnenkort.

Travel Grants

EMBO Short-Term Fellowship

EMBO Short-Term Fellowship funds research exchnages of up to three months between laboratories in eligible countries. Awarded applicants can stay on their research visit for an additional three months (maximum), however, EMBO will not provide funding for this extended period. The aim is to facilitate valuable collaborations with research groups applying techniques that are unavailable in the applicant's laboratory. Short-Term Fellowships are not awarded for exchanges between two laboratories within the same country. Short-Term Fellowships are intended for joint research work rather than consultations. The fellowships cover travel plus subsistence of the fellow only and not of dependents. More information about the EMBO foundation and the Travel Grant here.

Industrial Collaboration Opportunities

Free analytical Support XRPD and SAXS offered by DANNALAB 

The landscape of modern pharmaceuticals and drug delivery is changing quickly. So does the methods required for their characterization. DANNALAB is interested in supporting and cooperating with researchers working in the fields of pharmaceuticals, bio-pharmaceuticals and drug delivery. Efficient application of modern methods of X-Ray characterization for pharmaceuticals and drug delivery systems may be nontrivial.  For PhDs and Postdocs affiliated with non-commercial institution - DANNALAB offers support in the form of free analytical service based on our characterization methods - XRPD and SAXS. Qualitative or quantitative characterization of pharmaceuticals, bio-pharmaceuticals or drug delivery systems including measurements, analysis and reporting. Deadline for application 01.01.2020.

Courses, Workshops & More

Paul Janssen Future Lab

 Paul Janssen Futurelab Leiden is an international blended learning (online and on-campus) training program for entrepreneurial biomedical professionals.  This blend of online education and on-campus training is a perfect match for talented biomedical scientists who have the ambition to become the future generation Chief Scientific Officers. 

ENOVA Training Schools

 ENOVA is a science and technology “Network on Vaccine Adjuvants”, funded by COST through the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020. These ENOVA COST Action funded training Schools will provide participants with both theoretical and practical insights into vaccines and vaccine adjuvants. They will be held at locations of ENOVA members and will host 12 to 15 early stage researchers.   

TRANSVAC2 Consortium

 The TRANSVAC2 Consortium has set up training modules at leading European centres (in collaboration with WP18 partners) that can be combined to create customised international courses on vaccine R&D. Participants can select topics as needed in their field of vaccine development, and the timelines of the various modules will be harmonised in a way that allows a logical continuation from one topic to the other. 

EMBO Courses and Workshops

 EMBO helps young scientists to advance their research, promote their international reputations and ensure their mobility. Courses, workshops, conferences and EMBO Press publications disseminate the latest research and offer training in techniques to maintain high standards of excellence in research practice. EMBO helps to shape science policy by seeking input and feedback from our community and by following closely the trends in science. 

Helis Academy

 The Helis Academy strives to optimise the Life Sciences and Health sector in Flanders and the Netherlands. The Helis Academy focuses on the development and coordination of appropriate training, internships and traineeships in the Life Sciences and Health sector by matching companies' job requirements and profiles to curricula and develops new training programs where needed. In this way, the academy increases the industry-readiness of life scientists. 

TeSS training portal

 One of the goals of ELIXIR (Europe's distributed infrastructure for life-science data) is to train research scientists to better use available computational infrastructures to address critical research questions. This requires access both to face-to-face training opportunities and to disparate training materials and resources, currently dispersed across Europe. TeSS is ELIXIR's training platform, providing a one-stop shop for trainers
and trainees to discover online information and content.

BioBusiness Summer School

BioBusiness Summer School is a five-day course for academics who are contemplating about a career switch to industry and young professionals in their first industry jobs. This course will help you to jumpstart your career in the Life Sciences industry. During the five day program you will learn basic knowledge of main business topics, such as product development, intellectual property rights, business models and finance. You will also gain insight in the world of Life Sciences companies, meet leading business people, expand your international network and enjoy the beautiful city of Amsterdam via the social program.

Career workshops for researchers

Are you a researcher considering a career switch towards industry? Are you searching for efficient tools to advance your career and become competitive in the job market? Take part in our workshops – our ambitious goal is to help you reduce the time you need to find a new career by the whole year!

These workshops are dedicated to researchers and focused on self-discovery and preparing the participants for developing their future careers. 

International School of Nanomedicine

The aim of the International School of Nanomedicine is to encourage and promote networking between young scientist in Nanomedicine and to provide them with state of art competences at an international level.

The course will provide many opportunities for interactions and discussions between students, postdocs, junior as well as senior investigators, encouraging and promoting networking between them. The Course will be located in the old pre-mediaeval city of Erice providing an amazing setting for high intellectual endeavor.

Career Fairs


BCF Career Event Netherlands

09:00 - 18:00

Utrecht, the Netherlands



BCF Career Event Netherlands

BCF Career Event is the largest career event for the Life Sciences. It is the meeting place for everyone who is or wants to be active in Bio...


09:00 - 18:00

Utrecht, the Netherlands

Meet the team


Industrial Coordinator

Aldy Aliyandi

PhD at Groningen University

the Netherlands


Communication Officer

Anna Lechanteur

PostDoc at Liege University



Events Organizer

Bárbara Mesquita

PhD at Utrecht University

the Netherlands


Graphics Coordinator

Harita Yedavally

PhD at Groningen University

the Netherlands


Membership Coordinator

Hector Garcia Romeu

PhD at Groningen University

the Netherlands


Graphics Coordinator

Mohamad Tarhini

PostDoc at University of Lyon




 Annalisa Rosso 

PhD at Lyon University



Mentorship Coordinator

 Chiara Bastiancich 

Postdoc at Aix Marseille Université



Social Media Coordinator

 Elia Bozzato 

PhD at UC Louvain



Industrial Coordinator

Jayeeta Sengupta

Entrepreneur at HighTechXL

the Netherlands


Events Organizer

Charis Rousou

PhD at Utrecht University

the Netherlands


Data Analyst

 Ahmad  Alkadri

PhD at Montpellier



Workshop-Webinars coordinator

 Anne Rodallec

Researcher & Lecturer

at Aix-Marseille University



Workshop-Webinars Coordinator

 Maitrayee Chatterjee


 the Netherlands