Adolfo López-Noriega


Adolfo López-Noriega is the Research Leader at MedinCell, a French pharmaceutical company specialized in the development of long acting injectables. He is in charge of all research and innovation efforts of the company for expanding current formulation capabilities of BEPO, MedinCell’s proprietary technology. 

Adolfo, graduated in Pharmacy and PhD in Biomaterials by Universidad Complutense de Madrid, has gathered an extensive expertise in drug delivery. Before joining MedinCell in 2015 he was Principal Investigator and Lecturer in Pharmaceutics in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), Dublin. His research experience ranges from mesoporous silica, collagen based scaffolds or thermoresponsive liposomes to polymeric microparticles and in situ forming depot systems for delivering drugs with diverse purposes: tissue regeneration, cancer, antimicrobial therapies, etc. 

He is coauthor of 34 publications (h index=18 by May 2020), 47 participations in conferences and 7 patents in the field of controlled release. He is also reviewer of several scientific journals. Adolfo still collaborates with numerous universities all over Europe for promoting research around controlled and targeted drug delivery.